LDR and LDW Training Season is usually year round with a culminating event at Fall Festival in November at Villanova University.

Details for Delaware County Program

SOPA Season: Fall & Spring/Summer

Head Coach: Ronnie Barton

What to Expect: Athletes warm up with stretching before proceeding to run and/or walk. 

Training Specifics

Typical Spring Season – Wednesdays from 630-730pm at Cades (Swarthmore) starting late February.

Typical Fall Season – Wednesdays from 630-730pm starting in late August through November. Stay in touch with your coach on confirmed details.

Click HERE for the current season’s information.

Competition DatesFall Festival @ Villanova

Equipment: We will provide all the required equipment.

Uniform Requirements: We will provide athletes with a uniform. Athletes are responsible for all other athletic apparel. Sneakers must be worn.


ALL athletes must have a current medical (on Special Olympics PA medical form) that runs through the end of the season. If the athlete medical is not up-to-date, athletes WILL NOT be able to participate. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule since it poses a safety risk to the entire program. An up-to-date medical must always be on file with the coach as well as sent to register.sopadelco@gmail.com. To download a copy of medical application, check our resource page. To check on medical expiration date, please go here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gZlc7Rupri51R_2SAgbVRI8DwrOVf2nDOvmssWKBXfo/edit#gid=0

ALL athletes must attend at least 8 trainings and participate in qualifiers to be eligible to compete in State Games (Summer Games/Fall Festival/Indoor Winter Games).

ALL athletes can participate in multiple sports during the same season, but must declare a primary sport for State Games (Summer Games/Fall Festival/Indoor Winter Games).